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Tao X Tours


Business Owner: Faruq Abdullah

Phone: (405) 633.4702


Address: 1301 E. Madison St.

             Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Business Type: Retail

Business Services: Clothing

Clothing, videography and support group
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Mae's Kitchen and More LLC


Business Owner: Sequita Nash

Phone: (405) 889- 1887


Address: 5061 NW 10th Street5 Apt. 227

             Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Business Type: Catering/Cosmetology

Business Services: Catering/ Splendors Barber                               and Spa Salon LLC

My businesses are a brand of the catering, and cosmetology industry. I developed interest in cooking and doing hair comes from generations in my family.
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Armor E Apparel


Business Owner: Jazmine McCrary

Phone: (405) 314.8287


Address: 2357 NW 191 CT

             Edmond, OK 73102

Business Type: Retail Store

Business Services: Clothing

Armor E Apparel is a Christian clothing line for all ages, shapes, and sizes. AE is here to inspire and encourage all people with different levels of faith to wear the word of God on their chest and in their spirit.
EXCLUSIVE: Pop Up Shop on December 18th, 2022
OFFICIAL LAUNCH: January 7, 2023
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You're Gorgeous Enough

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Business Owner: Kela Williams

Phone: (405) 400-3650


Address: 1580 SW 158th Street

              Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Business Type: Others, please specify below

Business Services: Nonprofit for Women

You're Gorgeous Enough is a nonprofit organization created to help women reimagine and rediscover their beauty through sisterhood, authenticity and grace. Our goal is to help women overcome the pain of their past and enjoy the beauty f their future.
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Teens Talk Media & Humble Angels


Business Owner: Zion Morrow

Phone: (405) 819.5466


Address: 728 Woodland Dr.

             Midwest City, OK 73110

Business Type: Retail Store

Business Services: Retail and Media

Teens Talk Media and Humble Angels are businesses that are investing and inspiring teenagers and young adults every where to express themselves though faith and Jesus Christ. Humble Angels merchandise is up for pre-orders now. 
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Special Kay Catering - WeBeCookin


Business Owner:  Manuela Mathews - Brown

Phone: (405) 924-6760  


Address: 10019 Isaac Dr.

              Midwest City, OK 73130

Business Type:  Catering

Business Services:  Comfort food, Soul Food, Homemade Desserts, Dietary Aware Foods, etc. 

It has been said that a meal made with love tastes better than one that is simply thrown together. And at Special Kay Catering, Mrs. KayKay ensures that her passion can be tasted in each dish that she serves. “WeBeCooken”
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Butter Bean Chocolates


Business Owner: Manuela Matthews- Brown

Phone: (476) 476.6755


Address: 823 SE 18th Street

             Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Business Type: Food -Sweet Treats

Business Services: Chocolate Treats

An online chocolate shop where can find something for everyone whether it be a simple treat or an extravagant gift. All chocolate is hand crafted by myself Ms. Butter Bean and made fresh to order.
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ELR Vending


Business Owner: Ericka Russell

Phone: (405) 627-5987


Address: 10505 Windway Ave.

              Oklahoma City, OK 73162

Business Type: Vending Service

Business Services: Full-service vending machine.

Full-service vending services
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