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The New Hope Story

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The Legacy begins...

New Hope Baptist Church was started under the direction and leadership of Rev. W.A. Washington, September 28, 1929. It was then known as Mt. Triumph Baptist Church. There was a vote to move the church site from E. Reno to N.E. 7th St., but some of the members wanted to stay at the old church site, which made it necessary to reorganize.

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Rev. M. L. Brown, Pastor August 1931 - February 1932

Rev. Washington preached until the church was organized on Friday night, August 28, 1931. Rev. M.L. Brown was the first pastor. The church was named by Mrs. Lillian House and Miss Cornelia Clayton. Those who were in the organization were Deacons G.W. Jones and G.E. Willis, Sisters Octavia Clayton, Cornelia Clayton, Dora Clayton, Lillian House, Artie Mae Long, Mable Parker, Victoria Wilson, Bertha Horton, Clemmie Thompson, Ruth Robinson, Francis Marshall and Hazel Robinson. Brothers James Bailey, Charlie Lee Smith, Ivory Stewart, R.C. Cooper, and Rev. and Mrs. M.C. McGlory. The membership grew to 65. Rev. Brown resigned in February 1932, having pastored about 6 months.


On February 29, 1932, Rev. W.M. Jordan was called. The call was extended to March 2, 1932, and he accepted the church on March 17, 1932. Under his pastorage the membership grew again. In April 1933, he witnessed the passing of his best friend and companion, Mrs. Amanda Jordan. He resigned on June 1, 1933, having pastored about 1 year and 2 months.

Rev. J. D. Provo, Pastor November 1933 - December 1979

On November 7, 1933, Rev. J.D. Provo was called. He accepted the leadership of New Hope Baptist Church on November 5, 1933. The membership at that time was small. In November on the first Sunday of his pastorage, 19 members were added to the church. In our first revival, conducted by Rev. Bilbrew, again 22 members were added. Rev. Provo immediately began to talk of improving the church property. On November 18, 1934, we remodeled our church building and the laying of the cornerstone. The amount of money raised that year was $2,893.21. In 1938, we built the annex. At this time the membership has grown to about 400 people.


In 1942, the Music Department was organized under the leadership of Sis. Minnie Vera Anderson, Minister of Music and Mr. Charles Barbee, Director. Under the leadership of Sis. Anderson with Rev. Provo's blessing, other church choirs were organized such as the Junior, Youth, Young Adult and Gospel Chorus. New Hope also began a radio program on Sunday Nights, which contributed to its growth. The New Hope Choir was the first black choir to broadcast on television in Oklahoma on WKY-TV Channel 4.


New Hope was also very active in the Baptist Convention. Sis. Christine Provo served as President of the East Zion District Association for 25 years. She also served as Vice President of the State Convention for several years. In 1945, the first effort was started for the new building was led by Sis. Ora Norwood who raised $750.75. The funds continued to increase and on December 14, 1947, when the excavation of the new building began, the money had grown to $8,275.62.


The church had raised $29,372.16 its first two years. The cost of the building at the time of purchase was $41,868.31. The original pews were $25,000.00 and the organ was $21,000.00. The seats were furnished by Kerrs Dry Goods. The 17 original light fixtures were a gift from Rev. W.H. Marshall. Between the years of 1940 and 1976, Pastor Provo organized missions in the neighborhoods to enhance the spreading of the gospel. In doing that three independent churches were established: Greater Bethel, Bethesda and Community Mission.

Many young ministers answered the call to the ministry over the course of the years. Among them are Rev. Floyd Dumas, Rev. Garfield Ellis, Rev. A. Bolton, Rev. Paul Harris, Rev. Eric A. Mayes, Jr., Rev. A.D. Provo, Rev. Nelson Brown, Rev. John Simpson, Rev. Charles Simpson, Rev. T.J. Robinson, Rev. Donald Clarke, Rev. E. Jennings Tyson, Rev. Anthony Sledge, Rev. Charles Jackson, Rev. John Jones, Rev. Jobie Hooper and Rev. Chris Homer.


In 1970, the sanctuary was remodeled and pulpit was reconstructed to allow for a prayer altar. In 1975, the church now known as The Provo Memorial Baptist Church was organized from the mission located on N.E. 8th St., with Rev. Keith Smith as pastor. Rev. Provo retired in 1979 and was pastor emeritus until his passing on January 29, 1984. Sister Provo had already passed away quietly on March 10, 1963, after many years of service and dedication to doing God’s will.

Rev. Nelson Brown, Pastor November 1979 - December 1989

Rev. Nelson Brown pastored New Hope from 1979 to 1989. During his tenure he was instrumental in taking the youth by chartered bus to the Progressive National Baptist Conventions that were hosted in several states

Rev. Jerry D. Lewis, Pastor July 1990 - October 1992

In April 1990, Rev. Jerry D. Lewis accepted the call to pastor New Hope and pastored from July 22, 1990 until October 15, 1992. During his leadership, the education department in the church was remodeled, morning worship revised and a monthly newsletter was started.

Rev. Donald E. Boone, Pastor August 1993 - December 2002

Rev. Donald E. Boone served as pastor of New Hope from August 1993 until 2002. While at New Hope, Youth Bible study was organized and the Young Adult Department was reorganized, the sanctuary was remodeled, the remodeling included new pews, lights and sound system. A new van was purchased.


In the midst of the transition and our church praying for the Lord’s direction for leadership, Rev. Christopher M. Homer and Rev. Donald E. Clarke continued to carry out in the preaching and teaching of God’s word. In December 2003, the prayers of the church were answered as Rev. E. Jennings Tyson accepted the call to pastor New Hope Baptist Church.

Rev. E. Jennings Tyson, Pastor January 2004 - Present

On Sunday, January 4, 2004, Pastor Tyson preached his first sermon as pastor of New Hope entitled “Concerning This House-1 Kings 6:12-13.” Installation services were held on March 14, 2004.

The Lord has tremendously blessed our church spiritually, physically and financially during the past 18 years. Many have united and rededicated their lives to Christ.

Dr. D.E. Clarke served as Minister of CCE July 2004 until October 2007. Rev. K.D. Moss served as Minister of Children and Youth from January 2006 until October 2006.  Pastor Tyson was blessed with one new son in the ministry, Rev. Ramon Williams. His first sermon was preached on Sunday, March 6, 2006, at the New Hope Baptist Church.


Pastor Tyson’s spirit filled energy and vision is creating a synergy within New Hope that is regenerating the congregation through sheer human will and divine grace. He has led the New Hope congregation to impart new vigor and to restore the New Members Orientation Class, Christian Bible Training (CBT),  Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Children- Youth Ministries, Children’s Church, Transformers of Hope (ages 19-25), Marriage & Singles Ministry, Nurses Guild, Hospitality-Greeters, Dream Team-Vision 20-20, Public Relations, Recovery and Sharing & Caring Ministries. His vision to reach the least, lost and left out has led to the origins of the New Hope School of Evangelism that currently includes six continuing courses.

Under Pastor Tyson’s leadership, priority has been given to the 90+ year old infrastructure through many improvements such as painting and redecorating the main hall, replacing the church sign, heating the baptistery, refurbishing the restroom facilities, Pastor’s secretary’s office, the hall of remembrance, purchasing of church hymnals, and Bibles and new front doors, a Whiz Kid’s pantry was constructed, new air conditioners we purchased for the Secretary’s office and the New Members Orientation classroom, the vestibule was repainted. Also, minor repairs have been done by the Men’s Ministry throughout the building. Added to the church staff were the positions of Minister of Christian Education (CCE), Minister of Children and Youth and Pastor’s Secretary. Sis. Velma Newman recently retired; Zelda Davis serves as the Pastor’s Secretary.

In 2019, the Prayer Ministry was established, and kicked off with 30 days Conference Call of prayer for Pastor Tyson, each night praying for specific concerns during the Month of Love. The Weekly Prayer call continues every Tuesday evening to pray for the Body of Christ and the concerns of the world. 

In February 2020, the Public Relations ministry began the process to increase the digital footprint and brand on social media platforms to live stream The New Hope Experience on Facebook and YouTube, and the re-launch of  the church's website Videography equipment, computer, cameras, software was purchase and install to increase our Digital Footprint and enhance the quality of production. 

In March 2020, a deadly virus plagued the nation and our world; many lives have been lost due to the Covid19 pandemic. The world as we knew it changed forever; and mankind had to adapt to a new normal. The world literally shutdown, travel, entertainment venues, schools and churches went virtual; nothing has been the same. Everything changed, government lock-down with restrictions to in-person gathering, which changed the vehicle for worship. The New Hope Experience went totally virtual, livestreaming via Facebook, YouTube and access through our website;  a New Method, New Mission with the Same Message. The pandemic caused the Body of Christ to use technology to spread the Gospel to every nation; even in the midst of a pandemic, God enlarged our territory. 





A major milestone in the life and history of the New Hope Baptist Church - a new home! October 2021, the New Hope Baptist Church closed on the property at  320 N. Midwest Blvd. Midwest City, OK 73110. The Lord has blessed this ministry, to attain 8-acres of land, two buildings, and all the contents in it for $800,000; and keep the original building (1232 NE 7th Street) debt-free! To that we say, "To God Be The Glory!”  Truly God has shown us that He can take little and make much when we place it in His hands.


The entrance celebration at our new parcel of ground was held on Sunday, January 30, 2022, at 3:00 pm, and it was simply breathtaking! Expansion 2.0 symbolizes, “an advanced version of an original concept”...the New Hope Experience will always be a church that loves to lift up the Name of Jesus and show compassion to everyone-especially the least, the lost and the left out. 

 As we move together in the 19th year as Pastor and People, we must strive to be one church in two locations by LIFE and LIPS. If ever the general theme needed to come to life (One Vision, One Team, One Ministry, that time is right now.

The Denominational work continues as New Hope to be an active sister church in the Progressive National Baptist Convention at the state, regional and national conventions. Pastor Tyson has served as  President of the Congress of Christian Education of the Progressive Oklahoma Baptist State Convention (POBSC); and newly elected President of P.O.B.S.C. 

Rev. W. M. Jordan, Pastor March 1932 - June 1933


The Expansion: One Church | Two Locations

The Legacy continues...

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