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A Message of Hope from Pastor Tyson

     The year of 2020 has already brought some twists and turns, ups and downs but through it all; I declare we will remain still standing, stronger with increased faith. I realize that these are troubling times, all of us shudder at the deaths of loved one, gun violence, and mass chaos with the pandemic of Covid19, that has taken the world by storm. If it ever was a time that the people of God need to be praying, that time is now. I am encouraging you to intentionally pray for our nation, our President of the United States and all of our leaders, Pastors, healthcare professionals, daycare workers, trucker drivers, grocery store workers and all those who are continuing to make sacrifices during this crisis. 


     The theme of our work for 2020 has somewhat remained the same with a twist, "No Limits: Increase Our  Faith"   Luke 17:5-6. The climate of the world today, is challenging us to exercise our faith like never before. Let me remind and encourage you, God is in control. Trust him with your life, he has not left you; he promised he would never leave you nor forsake you. Lord, Increase Our Faith.  

For the Cause of Christ

  Rev. EJ Tyson

Rev. E. Jennings Tyson


Ministerial Staff
Rev. E. J. Tyson,